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"Hi, you've reached Adia's PINpoint. Please leave me a message after the beep."
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People are strange.

When humanity was at its lowest point on New Caprica, the twelve tribes were able to set aside their differences and escape the Cylon occupation. But now that the Fleet is closer than ever to finding Earth, that united front is cracking.

The shift in mood begins when Gaius Baltar is acquitted of treason. Many colonists were looking for someone to blame for the Cylon invasion and subsequent occupation. Denying them that perceived justice has them furious and searching for a new scapegoat.

And then, because Gaius “self-proclaimed genius” Baltar can’t simply lay low like a normal person, he has to go and start his own religion. It’s a monotheistic cult that preaches love and ascending one’s fate — heresy for many, but appealing enough for some that he gains a sizable following. It sparks political discord in the Quorum of Twelve. It nearly ignites a spiritual war.

There are fractures within the Cylon Fleet as well, ones that blossom into a civil war, but Adia does not learn about this until the Demetrius returns from a scouting mission with a Cylon basestar in tow. It contains Twos, Sixes, and Eights, but no Fives.

Adia had not even had time to get her hopes up, but it still stings, knowing that Caspar continues to be the enemy.
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Bucky Bird was in a bind.

For months, he had worked tirelessly to protect his friend and caretaker, Adia. She was a gentle human with a big heart, but these traits made her vulnerable. He needed to remain ever vigilant if he was going to keep her safe.

On his days with Candela, he trained as hard as he could to improve his abilities. Otherwise, he’d take to the skies, building up his wing strength and endurance. But it was not enough. He was still too small and too weak, and he felt no closer to evolving.

Sarah and Ethel recommended that he relax a little. The anti-violence field was back in place, the bad man who had injured Steve was gone. But Bucky knew better. The Nexus was full of bad humans who would hurt someone as sweet as Adia if given a chance.

He wouldn’t let them get that chance.

Things came to a head one day when a strange man tried to enter Steve’s apartment. Bucky was able to shoo him back out, but the episode left him rattled. He needed to be stronger in case the intruder returned!

It was time to take matters into his own wings if he was ever going to evolve. He had failed to keep Steve safe, he wasn’t going to let the same thing happen to Adia.

He was going to become the protector she deserved.
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((tl;dr -- Adia assists with a disease outbreak aboard Galactica and meets Captain Agathon and his daughter, Hera, the only Cylon-human hybrid. This story is heavily based on the Season 3 episode The Woman King, and the characters and medical terms contained within are canon.))

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It is rare that Adia has a free moment to herself in the Nexus these days. When she isn't caring for Steve's pokémon, she's reading about them in the library, or answering questions in the Plaza. She doesn't mind because it keeps her busy. It keeps her from worrying about Steve, or the fragility of the AV field, or the fact that she has her own personal stalker who may or may not be a Cylon.

So when she finds herself in the Plaza with nothing to do, she can feel that worry creeping up on her once more. Maybe... maybe she should talk to someone.

She could text Shark. He's been keeping an eye out for Cylons, anyway. He might have a good suggestion or two. Better yet, he won't panic or overreact, or insist that she limit her visits to the Nexus.

Pulling out her PINpoint, she types up a quick message. Hi, Shark. It's Adia. Do you have a couple of minutes to talk about something? I need your advice.

Even after she sends it, it doesn't occur to her to be worried about the fact that she hasn't seen him in the Nexus lately. Shark's a smart guy with a healthy sense of self-preservation, he wouldn't have stuck around during the Khan invasion.
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Spending as much time as she does in the Nexus, Adia often has to play catch-up when she returns to her ship. Where are they in space? Are the Cylons any closer to the Fleet?

How much progress have they made towards finding Earth?

She usually asks one of the ship’s crew. They are always so engrossed with their duties that they never notice her absence or wonder at her obvious questions. But this afternoon, it is the crew who is absent, and Adia walks the halls alone, fretting over where everyone has gotten to.

Her search leads her to the entertainment room, where she finds not only the crew, but everyone else on board, including her friends Maggie and Seth. They wave her over, Maggie rising from her seat despite the awkwardness of her pregnant belly. “Girl, where have you been? Captain Sousa called an all-hands over an hour ago so we could watch President Roslin’s address on the vid comm.”

Adia laughs nervously, fingers twisting into the ends of her scarf. “I, um… I was really wrapped up in my work?” Maggie gives her a skeptical look, but otherwise doesn’t comment, much to her relief. “What’d I miss?”
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It only takes a little bit of asking around in the Nexus before Adia is able to obtain Candela's contact information. The Nexus has its own Poke Mart, and its employees are all familiar with the illustrious trainer. Soon enough, she has a number to send a text, which she does immediately. The sooner she finds out how to properly care for Steve's pokemon, the better.

Hello, Candela. I'm Adia, a friend of Steve's. He was badly injured during the Khan invasion and I am caring for his pokemon until he recuperates. I'm unfortunately not familiar with pokemon and would appreciate some help. Please reply at your earliest convenience.
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Once Khan is defeated and the anti-violence field snaps back into place, Adia hurries to Steve’s apartment to check on the three pokemon who live there. They would have had an excellent view of the destruction, even though the neighborhood is thankfully undamaged. Adia can only imagine how anxious they are, cooped up all day with no way to check on Steve.

She wishes that she had better news to bring them.

The superintendent is in his office — a small blessing. He gives Adia a spare key, and she uses it to unlock Steve’s door. She barely has it open before Sarah comes barreling through, knocking her over and barking excitedly in greeting.

“H-hey!” Adia laughs despite herself and half-pets, half-pushes at the growlithe who is now whining and licking her face. “Easy, Sarah. It’s good to see you, too.”

Ethel plods into view and lets out a sharp, metallic bark of annoyance at Sarah, nudging the dog-like creature off so that Adia can get back on her feet. Undeterred, Sarah trots down the hallway, looking for Steve and whining when she doesn’t see him.

Adia thanks Ethel quietly and dusts herself off. “Sarah, come back into the apartment with us, okay? I have something to tell you.” She steps inside and looks around; someone has knocked the pillows off the couch and there is a chewed-up drawing pad on the floor, but no fires or holes in the wall. That’s good. She spots Bucky perched at his usual spot on top of the bookshelves and gives him a whistle, but he makes no move to fly to her, his gaze wary.

Sarah bustles pasts her and sits down next to Ethel. Adia shuts the door and takes a moment to breathe slowly before facing three sets of attentive, worried eyes.
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Adia had originally bought the green dress to wear at her college graduation. Or rather, her mother had bought it, concerned that her daughter would grab the first drab thing hanging in the store and call it a day. The dress was long-sleeved and without adornment, but the bodice fit her nicely and the satin material added a bit of flair to the A-line hem.

“You look beautiful,” She told her in the dressing room. “Emerald green is a lovely color on you.”

Adia examined herself in the mirror, turning this way and that, the fabric swishing pleasantly against her legs. It did look lovely on her, which was part of the problem. “I don’t know… it’s awfully pricey, Mom, and I’m only going to wear it once.”

“This is my treat, sweetie.” Her mother stood behind her, putting her hands on her shoulders and smiling at her daughter’s reflection. “Besides, you can wear it to parties.”

Adia met her mother’s encouraging gaze in the mirror and smiled weakly. “Sure, Mom… parties.”

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Adia sits eagerly in the waiting room of Viatorus's office, a small notebook and pen in her hands. Surprised that the dreamwalker had agreed to meet with her so soon after Khan's invasion, she leapt at the chance anyway. The anti-violence was restored, after all, and Isidor surely wouldn't have let her brother return to the Nexus if any danger remained.

In a way, Adia, too, was restored, freed from a filthy settlement and returned to her spaceship. She is once again dressed semi-professionally, her hair clean, the mottled bruise on the left side of her face the only reminder of her close call on New Caprica. More importantly, her heart is filled with hope -- hope for her people's future, and hope for her own.

Absently doodling a tulip in the corner of her notebook, she glances up every so often at the office door in anticipation of it opening. She can't wait to talk to Viatorus about the possibility of a research lab in the Nexus, one that caters to both magic and science. Oh, and maybe she should mention Iphigenia's idea of building a shrine to their gods in the Nexus, too...

And her nightmares. She's supposed to ask about how to stop her nightmares.

Her excitement tempered by the unpleasant reminder, she scratches out the tulip while she waits. By the time Viatorus arrives, it's nothing but an angry blue blot.
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Adia returns to work the next day, her head heavy with the hangover she thoroughly earned from all her drinking in the Nexus. There is no nausea, thankfully, just a dull throbbing that doesn’t ease up no matter how much water she drinks.

Julia greets her as soon as she walks in. “I missed you yesterday.” Her mouth puckers in concern. “Were you ill? You look washed out.”

“I was at the detention center.” Adia is unable to hide the incredulity from her voice. “Didn’t you know that?”

“No,” Julia replies in surprise. She frowns and looks over at Four working at his desk in the back of the lab. “Four didn’t tell me…”

“I was there for hours, Julia. You didn’t think to ask anyone what had happened to me?” Something close to shame crosses the pretty blonde’s features, and Adia sighs. Julia is one of the more sympathetic Cylons, but she’s still a Cylon. Adia shouldn’t expect that much from her. “Look, it doesn’t matter anyway. A Five stopped the interrogation and led me out. I didn’t have to spend the night or anything.”

“A Five?” Now it is Julia’s turn to look incredulous. “Are you sure that was the model who took you out of the detention center?”

Adia frowns defensively. “I know what a Five looks like,” she says, but Julia shakes her head.

“Fives don’t end interrogations, Adia. They start them. They escalate them. The only time a Five lets someone go is if he’s recruiting for the New Caprica Police.” She peers at Adia curiously, as if seeing her in an entirely new light. “So why would he make an exception for you?”

Adia doesn’t know what to say. Was she wrong about Caspar’s motivation? Did he really go against his model’s programming on her behalf?

The sound of an explosion outside the lab abruptly ends their conversation. Adia rushes out, along with everyone else, to find the source of the commotion.

Battlestar Galactica is falling from the sky.
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((tl;dr -- Battlestar Galactica came back and rescued the humans from New Caprica! Hooray! Adia is back in space where she belongs.))
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It is the smallest of blessings that they don’t come for her in the night like the others.

Instead, she’s greeted in the morning by a masked police officer and an armed Centurion. The police officer is polite, informs her that the Cylons only want to ask her a few questions about her neighbor, a suspect in the most recent Resistance bombing. He waits for her to get her coat and gently herds her towards the detention center.

She thinks about running. She thinks about the PINpoint hidden under her mattress.

She thinks about the shiny metal robot with machine guns for arms following a pace behind her and she lets herself be guided without protest.

By the time she is led into an interrogation room and told to have a seat, her heart is ready to hammer out of her chest. Nobody has threatened her yet. Nobody needs to. This is already her worst nightmare.

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((tl;dr -- Adia is unjustly questioned until a Five comes to her rescue. Adia works up the nerve to talk to him, thinking that it's Caspar. It doesn't go well.))


Mar. 1st, 2017 03:23 pm
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After the fiasco with the love-cursed candy, Adia is, for once, eager to return to New Caprica and leave the Nexus and its Valentine’s Day nonsense behind.

Reaching inside her coat pocket for her PINpoint, her fingers brush against the heart-shaped chocolate she took from Nekomata’s stand, before she knew about its curse. She pulls it out and looks over the shiny red foil. Thank goodness she hadn’t given it to her boyfriend like she had originally planned. The last thing her relationship needed was cursed chocolate.

Then again… it might not have been so bad, so long as she was the first person that Will saw after eating it. It would have been nice to hear some flowery declarations of love from her boyfriend, even if it wore off with a kiss. The only thing Will expresses passion for these days is the Resistance.

She tests the weight of the chocolate in her palm. It feels solid. It probably tastes good, too. Such a waste that she can’t give it to someone.

What if she gives it to Caspar.

The thought pops into her head before she can censor herself. What if she finds Caspar and gets him to eat the chocolate. He’d fall in love with her all over again. He’d do anything for her, like follow her to the Nexus, or turn his back on the Cylons. So long as they never kissed, he’d belong to her forever.

She looks at the candy for a moment or two. Then, disgusted with herself, she hurls it into the nearest trashcan and teleports home.
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Adia sits at a computer terminal in the Plaza, a cup of coffee next to the keyboard. It takes a bit of nerve to return so soon after the Valentine's Day fiasco, but the Nexus, for all its unpredictable magic, is still a more comfortable place to her than her home on New Caprica. Her new friend's request to show her a video is all the excuse she needs to visit.

She opens up the chat program and sends a message to Josh. (Or, "gameshow host Josh" as she has come to think of him, already having a friend named Josh in her life.)

Hello! I am in the Nexus now, if you are around.

She takes a sip of coffee and waits for a reply.
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A couple of days after seeing Paladin, Adia is back in the Nexus. She uses the opportunity to sit down at a computer terminal and send an email to her friend.

Dear Paladin,

I hope that you are doing well since I last saw you. I'm attaching to this email two pictures. One is of a water bear. Their official name is tardigrade. Its face isn't as cute as I remembered, but you can see that it has little claws on its feet. You can only see them with a microscope. I also attached a photo of a red panda, which is one of my favorite animals, and more traditionally cute. Do you have an animal like this on your world?

I wish I could say things are going well, but unfortunately, problems have increased on New Caprica. The Resistance has started bombing Cylon sites, and the Cylons are responding by increasing security and imprisoning more humans. I am fine, though, and so are my friends. I'm still trying to visit the Nexus as frequently as I can.

Take care,

ps -- if you have trouble opening the pictures, let me know. There should be a little paperclip symbol. It looks like an elongated spiral. The pictures might also just be there at the bottom of the email.
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Adia was dreaming about bees when the sound of a distant explosion woke her up.

She thought it was fireworks at first, or thunder, but New Caprica had never seen either. She threw on her coat and wandered out of her housing unit, her roommates not far behind. Word spread quickly through the settlement — a bomb had been detonated at a Cylon armory, blowing up several dozen Centurions and a few human models as well. A symbolic gesture at best, but one that met with murmured approval. Finally, the Resistance was showing those frakking toasters that humanity wouldn’t take this Occupation lying down.

Adia returned to bed with a heavy heart. This must have been what Will was alluding to when they last spoke. It was a shame that it had to come to violence, and try as she might, she couldn’t fall back asleep.


The mood in the lab the next day was somber. Four said nothing to Adia the entire day. He most definitely did not compliment her on her work.

Julia was unusually quiet, as well. It wasn’t until mid-morning that the pretty blonde Cylon spoke to Adia at all, sidling up to her workstation and murmuring, “You heard about the bombing, I assume?”

Adia nodded, not trusting her voice. There were Centurions patrolling the settlement, looking for suspects. Or scapegoats.

“Some of us died, you know.” Julia’s eyes looked sad. “I don’t understand why the humans keep rejecting God’s will. We’re trying so hard to keep things peaceful.”

It’s only the fact that Julia sounded so sincere that Adia didn’t roll her eyes. Well, that and her inherent fear of all Cylons. How could she be so clueless about the realities of New Caprica? Even Adia wasn’t that naive. “I’m sorry for your loss,” she said finally, before remembering a Cylon’s ability to resurrect. “Are they okay now?”

Julia sighed heavily. “More or less. Resurrection isn’t easy. You carry everything with you, including your death. It’s like experiencing it twice.”

Adia paled at the frank admission, a cold feeling settling in her gut. It wasn’t for the Cylons who died in the explosion, although that sounded terrible. It was for Caspar, and what he must have felt when he resurrected. “That… that sounds awful. I’m sorry they went through that.” She looked down, not knowing what to do with this painful knowledge. “I don’t like the fighting, either.”

Julia’s expression softened, a small smile tugging on her lips. “I know, Adia. You’re always so good about getting along with others. I wish more humans felt the way you did.”

Adia would normally have appreciated the compliment, but in this context it rubbed her the wrong way. It made her feel like a coward. “I should get back to work,” she murmured, hoping that Julia would take the hint.

“Of course.” Julia patted her arm affectionately before walking away. Adia tried not to bristle at the touch.
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After the Nexus Halloween party, Adia returned her wig to the costume shop, washed off her make-up, and used her PINpoint to go home. She slept little that night, still keyed up from the festivities. It had been like a fairy tale, an enchanted evening, even with the troubling news of Reynard’s behavior last winter.

But like all fairy tales, she had to return to reality. And the worst part was that she couldn’t talk about what happened with anyone.

Not with Maggie and Seth, her closest friends. She gave them wrapped candies from the party, lied and said that they were from an old stash in the ship’s commissary. Not with the elderly couple from Picon who reminded Adia so much of her parents that her heart hurt. Not with her fellow co-workers, or the people who came to the health clinic.

Certainly not with Julia or any other Cylon whose paths she crossed.

William was unusually quiet, pacing back and forth when Adia joined him in his tent. He paused to greet her, but didn’t say much aside from idle pleasantries. She felt guilty over how much she enjoyed the silence as they simply held one another on his makeshift bed, nothing more than a rag-stuffed mattress that caved into their combined weight.

“Hey,” he said finally, turning to look at her. “Sorry I don’t have anything to say. Things are moving forward with… you know. Big plans.” He didn’t seem excited or smug about it. There was nothing but worry in his green eyes. “I can’t talk about it.”

Adia nodded and ran a hand through his hair. “I understand.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you,” he said hurriedly. He smiled wryly. “Even if I know you’d argue with me about it. But it’s not safe for you to know.” He took her hand in his and brought it to his chest. “I feel like I can tell you anything, y’know? You always listen to me.”

She smiled softly. It had been a while since William had something that tender to her. The Occupation had not been good for their relationship.

“And if there’s anything you want to talk about,” he continued earnestly. “I’m here for you. You know that, right?”

She thought of the PINpoint in her inner pocket, and the Nexus. She thought of the food, and the dancing, and the talk of not one Earth, but many.

“I know,” she lied, closing her eyes.
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Adia is full of nervous energy as she waits outside of the Nexus inn for Paladin. She is mostly excited, but it has been a long time since she has ridden a horse. Her riding boots and helmet are long gone, lost along with everything else when Leonis was destroyed. She is wearing her regular boots and jeans, along with a sweater and her heavy wool coat. She didn't bother with a scarf, worried the fluttering might startle or distract the horse. Paladin did say that he was sassy.

Shifting her weight from foot to foot, she pulls out her PINpoint for the hundredth time and checks for messages. The innkeeper was happy enough to play go-between, printing out Adia's electronic messages and transcribing anything that Paladin wanted to write back in return. It's how they were able to plan their get-together. But Adia checks anyway. Plans can change, after all.
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Adia Costas
Canon is Battlestar Galactica, the 2003 reimagined series
Mun and Character are over 21.

Backtagging: Absolutely!
Threadhopping: Go for it.
Fourthwalling: So long as it doesn't ruin the mood, sure. Feel free to tell Adia that her world is a television show in some universes.
Offensive subjects: Let's have an OOC discussion about it first. Anything particularly violent or graphic should probably be labeled and put under a cut.

Hugging this character: That's fine.
Kissing this character: That's also fine, although Adia will likely try to avoid it.
Flirting with this character: Yes, especially if you want to see Adia spontaneously combust.
Sex/relationship/shipping with this character: I actually have a relationship endgame for Adia, but feel free to talk to me OOC.
Fighting with this character: Yes, although this will probably never happen.
Injuring this character: I'd rather not, unless it's something minor.
Killing this character: Please no :(
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, but let's talk first OOC.

If you want to reach me OOC, send me a message or include your ooc text in your post. For any sort of lengthly plottage, we can chat online in real time, too.
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It has been three months since the Cylons arrived on New Caprica.

Superficially, not much has changed for Adia. She still works on infectious disease control in her lab. She still lives with her friend Maggie, and Maggie’s boyfriend, Seth. They are the closest thing to family that she has.

There is talk of resistance. Her boyfriend, Will, actively participates in their clandestine meetings. It terrifies Adia — she doesn’t want to see him get hurt. But she has an even deeper fear that a resistance movement will make everything worse. But if not a resistance movement, then what? What will free the humans from the Cylon occupiers?

People have started to go missing.


There are seven Cylon models, and sometimes they visit the human settlement.

The Sixes and Eights do not scare her, she sees them the most, and they seem the most willing to work with humans. There is a Six in her lab named Julia, and she will not shut up about her God. Sometimes Adia hates her, and imagines slapping her sanctimonious smile right off her beautiful face. But then she remembers the vision that her friend April had shared with her — a Six tortured to suicide by her human captors — and then she just feels bad.

A Four is officially in charge of Adia’s lab, and he treats her with distant politeness, occasionally complimenting her on her work the way someone might give a dog on the street a friendly pat or a child a lollipop. Otherwise, he ignores her.

She rarely sees a Three, or a One. The Ones terrify her in a way she can’t explain.

The Twos keep to themselves, although one smiled at her once, like they were sharing an inside joke. She just looked away and kept walking.

The Fives — Caspar’s model — all look through her. If the Fours act distant, the Fives might as well be pretending that they are on another planet. It reminds Adia of when Caspar would be so wrapped up in his work that she’d have to call his name at least twice to get his attention.

He’d always smile sheepishly at her and say he was sorry.

She doesn’t dare call his name. Not here.


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